This is how promotional book ghostwriting works.

The Path (10 Steps)

To give you the best quality nonfiction book on the deadline we set (90 business days or less), we will follow this plan together. It all takes place online.

  1. You complete an application to help me learn about your goals for a book.
  2. Once accepted, make payment arrangements to get the rest of the process started.
  3. We have our first of three or more Zoom interviews. These Zoom interviews are recorded. In the first interview, I will ask you a series of questions to identify the exact focus of your book. I will ask you about your experiences in your field.

    Importantly, I will listen carefully to you so I can inject your personality into your book. I DO NOT just cut and paste your comments into the book. I weave selected input into your book in a stategic manner.

    It is likely we’ll have more Zoom calls as the book manuscript develops. All Zoom calls last 45-minutes to an hour and are scheduled at your convinience.

    This is when you submit ideas, supporting documents, and other input. If you do not submit them at the start, they will not be used.
  4. I will create an annotated outline of your book based on your applicastion and our first Zoom call, and documents you submit. You will review and make suggestions or approve the outline. It is essential that you add or change the outline at this point. It is the foundation of the book and all the writing that follows.
  5. Once you approve the detailed outline, I begin research and writing. During this process, I may request more Zoom interviews.
  6. Upon completion of the manuscript, you will receive the first draft for review. You will be precise about any changes you request.

    For example, you won’t want to say, “Redo Chapter 4 until I see something I like.” Instead, you will create a detailed list of things you want changed and provide specific suggestions for content you want to include.

    Big changes are not usually required because you previously signed off on the annotated outline, and I will creatively follow that outline.
  7. During the writing process, I design a book cover for your approval. If you have images you want inluded (cover or interior), you will provide them in the required format during this period. They must be available at least 10 business days before I am ready to send your final draft for approval.

  8. I incorporate your changes (Step 6) and do a thorough copy edit of your book. I use the Associated Press Stylebook as the sole standard for usage and grammar. I do fact-checking when the facts are available for confirmation. My work on your behalf is orginal, nevertheless I do a plagiarism check of your final draft.

    At this point I send the final draft to you for permission to print. Any material changes made at this point incur an extra fee.
  9. Once you sign-off on your “print approval,” I do the technical work to create a print book with cover, and an ebook, based upon your previous approvals. You make your final payment and receive a Transfer of Copyright.
  10. I upload your book to Amazon or another digital printer you specify. You are then a published author!

It’s that easy! When my clients are decivsive, the process if fast and efficient. You will soon be the author of a quality book you’ll be proud to share with others.

Will you say, “I don’t like this” when you receive your completed book?

That has never happened. Here’s why:

  • You have the opportunity in advance for “due diligence” by reading one or more of my books to see my work firsthand.
  • You supply the core content via interviews and any other supporting documents you may wish to provide at the very start of the process.
  • You approve a detailed outline before I start writing.
  • You provide your suggestions/approval at each major step along the way.

Your book is based on your advice and consent. That makes it implausible for anyone to not like the finished book.

Personal attention. Quality writing. A book you can be proud of. That’s what I do.

I Write Books in these Topic Areas

Based on my wide range of experience and my advanced research skills, I consider all topics.* Please contact me if you don’t see your topic listed here. I specialize in categories related to:

  • Automotive
  • Biographies/Autobiographies**
  • Business
  • Corporate/Organization books***
  • Current events
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Construction industry
  • Energy conservation
  • Internet marketing
  • Motivational
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • Relationships (including dating/family)
  • Psychology/Self-help
  • Health and nutrition
  • Spirituality
  • Writing and publishing

Don’t see your area of interest here? Please contact me.

* Books I write about professional topics like law, accounting, and medicine require vetting by a professional in the field to help guard against errors and omissions. If you, as my client, don’t have professional credentials in the field, then there is an extra fee for technical review by an appropriate professional practitioner.

** Biographies are usually written in the third person because most often the person is deceased. In these cases, the book is written based on Zoom interviews with others or documents the client makes available.

Autobiographies are written in the first person. I interview the living person and write their story as if they were telling it themselves. I do not just cut and paste what they say; I craft their story into an interesting book incorporating multiple research sources and fact-checking.

*** Corporate/Organization books can take several forms. They may be a history to celebrate a milestone (50th Anniversary, for example), or they could focus on current leaders or accomplishments. My clients decide upon the focus when they engage my services.

Why your book will be unique

The reason your book will be unique is that my research starts with you. I interview you to discover your goals in life, your values, and your specialized knowledge on the topic of the book. I gather your best stories and include them in proper context. I’ll do my best to inject your “voice” into the book. That is the core.

Then, I do secondary research. I check trends, gather relevant quotes from experts in your industry, and compare and contrast your views. You come across as a respected authority that people will trust.

I curate all these materials and write a book that is entertaining, easy to read, and hits all the right personal and industry points. Most importantly, it includes calls to action throughout. The overarching goal of your book is to persuade people to take action and purchase your product or service.