pricing and terms

A 128-page paperback book + ebook for $5,995. You get sole credit as the author.

The dimensions of the 128-page book is 5.25 x 8 inches. That’s big enough for you to proudly sell for $10-15 (or more) to the public, but a format inexpensive enough or give away to prospective clients at a cost to you of about $4 each.

A 128-page book offers substance. There’s room to tell your story in those pages and persuade your potential customers to buy your product or service. The focus of the book is about what you and your company can do to benefit your clients.

Your book will offer insight, build trust, and motivate readers to take action.

It will be printed with black ink on cream paper. That is a rich-looking book that’s easy on the eyes. Text font size will be 10/14 leading. Not a lot of fluffy white space that makes your book seem cheap, but open with enough white space to keep people reading.

The fonts, headings, pull quotes, and other design elements will add spark to the design. Your book will not be a “wall of type.” You approve these design features in advance.

The word count will vary based upon design factors including your front and back matter, and any interior images you may add. Most 128-page books are in the 25,000-30,000 word range, although no exact word count is guaranteed.

Cover and Ebook Edition Are Included

PAPERBACK COVER. You get an appealing basic business-style print cover, which you approve, at no extra charge. I use Public Domain images in a unique design. You are free to supply front and back cover images that meet technical specifications and there is no extra charge. See a few of my covers here.

EBOOK. Your ebook is converted into a flowing style ebook. The prevalent flowing style does not replicate page layout because replicate pages can be read on so few ebook readers. Flowing style is universal.

Note that interior images in an ebook may not appear as you expect due to the flowing nature of flowing text and the dimensions of various ebook readers.

You get the “EPub” file format. Amazon is now requesting that format for ebooks (instead of their proprietary MOBI format), so EPub is now a truly universal format.

The ebook cover is the same as the front cover of your print book.

TECH. I’ll upload your paperback and ebook to your Amazon account as part of my services. If you prefer not to use Amazon as I recommend, I will upload everything to another distributor in place of Amazon.

Note that these specifications are fixed. It is not possible to write and produce a quality paperback/ebook at this price and in this timeframe if custom specifications are requested.

No Cost Surprises

no surprises

$5,995 is the full price for all the items you see above. There are only three add-ons.

  • Interior images you request. Cover images are included, but interior images are $35 each. They must be provided in a specified format. Interior color images appear as black and white in paperback books and in color in the ebook edition.
  • Extraordinary research expenses that you request, such as special document fees or travel.
  • Making changes to book elements (content, designs) you previously approved.

You will always have the opportunity to approve expenses before they are incurred.

How many copies of the book do I get for the fee?

No physical copies of the paperback edition are included in the fee. You purchase them from your printer. For example, if you use Amazon, as I recommend, they are available for retail purchase on the Amazon site. However, you are able to purchase from 1 to 1,000 at a wholesale price (about $4.00 each) plus shipping. You can give them to prospective clients, customers, patrons, or employees, or sell them yourself at any price you set.

Over the decades I have found it best to keep things as simple as possible. I ask you to sign a simple Memorandum of Agreement so that your responsibilities and mine are clearly defined.

No worries about the agreement. Almost all of the terms are in the Memorandum of Agreement are disclosed on the pages of this website.

It comes down to this. You pay me according to the schedule and promise to reply with approvals (or change suggestions) promptly. I do my professional best to write a book that will put a smile on your face and help you achieve your goals. Yes, we can do this together without drama.

To proceed, please complete the application and I’ll send you the Memorandum of Agreement for your review.


Will You Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

When it comes to content, people often think they have a rare or unique idea. However, it’s normally one, or very similar to one, that I have seen many times before. 

If I signed an NDA regarding your content, I would jeopardize my ability to write for other clients with similar ideas, systems, or products. Therefore, I do not sign NDAs related to content in your book.

However, a confidentiality agreement regarding authorship is included in the Memorandum of Agreement. Nobody will know I authored the book on your behalf.

What are your payment policies?

I work on retainer, not speculation. I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover via PayPal. There are no refunds for any reason due to the opportunity and other costs associated with accepting you as a client and developing a book for you.

There is a big front-load with a book. By the time you get the first draft, 75% of my work is done. Therefore, I receive a nonrefundable 60% advance payment to start, 20% upon delivery of the first draft, final 20% with the delivery of the final draft.

I issue a  Copyright Assignment to you upon full payment and until then I retain ownership of the intellectual property contained in the book. I do not “Work-for-Hire” as defined by the US government, California, or other states.

Do you outsource your writing projects?

NEVER. I think outsourcing, particularly to offshore writers, is an extremely poor business decision for anyone to make. Knowing English is not enough. You want a writer who understands idiomatic English and the marketing psychology of your readers, and that varies by culture.

You are paying for my knowledge and writing expertise. I have the experience to write a quality book on deadline. I have a particular method and I write everything myself. Also, I never accept more work than I can complete in the time frame I promise to my clients.

Will I be able to make money from the book you write?

If you use your book to promote your authority in your field and the expertise of your company or organization, then you are likely to attract clients that can result in huge profits. Can I guarantee that? Of course not. It depends on your business and how you distribute your book.

If I write a more general nonfiction book on a specific topic that does not includes “calls to action” to support your company sales, then can you make money from book sales alone? Maybe. But there is a lot of competition in all fields and you will need to invest your time and money in book promotion. I no longer do book promotions.

If your book is not strictly for promotional purposes (like a biography or family history) you should keep your profit expectations low. Your extended family is your primary market.

The books I write are primarily designed to establish you as an authority in your field and build trust in potential customers or clients. I provide a tool, but generating profits, if any, is completely up to you.